Canales Delicatessen


Canales Delicatessen

Canales Delicatessen is a full-service delicatessen. We specialize in specialty sausage, deli meats, homemade salads and barbeques, rotisserie chickens and made-to-order sandwiches and deli platters.

Enjoy a renowned BBQ sandwich with fresh homemade coleslaw. Take home a rotisserie chicken with our famous jalapeno sauce. For your backyard BBQ, choose from our Argentine sausage, bratwurst and full line of chicken and turkey sausages.

For your sandwiches and special meals, choose from our turkey breasts (regular, smoked, honey, honey pepper, and cajun), prosciutto, pancetta, sopressata, roast beef, and other hams and deli meats.

You can reach Canales Delicatessen by calling (202) 547-4471 or by emailing [email protected]
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