Eastern Market Community Advisory Committee (EMCAC)

In 1999, legislation was drafted that redefined how the Eastern Market would be managed, regulated and improved. It placed the market under the jurisdiction of the Department of General Services (DGS), required unified management and created the Eastern Market Community Advisory Committee (EMCAC) to advise DGS about the operation, management and capital improvements.

EMCAC is an advisory group, governed by bylaws, that represents the entire Eastern Market Community. EMCAC consists of representatives from stakeholders including community organizations, District of Columbia elected officials, vendors, merchants and professionals that do business on Capitol Hill.

Important Update:

EMCAC is the District’s legislatively established body entrusted with advisory and oversight responsibilities for the operations, management and renovation of Eastern Market. Current members include representatives from ANC6B, Capitol Hill Restoration Society, Capitol Hill Association of Merchants, Eastern Market Preservation and Development Corporation, Stanton Park Neighborhood Association, a community representative, Ward 6 Council Office, the Mayor and representatives from the South Hall, Farmer’s Line and non-food merchants at the Market.

We cordially invite the community to all of our meetings. They are generally held online on the last Wednesday of each month. Your comments or involvement in any of our committees is welcomed. Please call for information or questions: Chuck Burger, Chair at 202-258-5316 or email at [email protected]. Follow the market at www.easternmarket-dc.org.

EMCAC Members:

  • Chuck Burger, CHAMPS Representative and Chair of EMCAC
  • Jackie Krieger, Mayor Bowser’s Representative and Vice Chair of EMCAC
  • Angie Brunson, Farmer’s Line Representative
  • Bill Glasgow, South Hall Merchants Representative
  • Monte Edwards, Secretary and Stanton Park Neighborhood Association Representative
  • Gerry Sroufe, ANC
  • Brian Pate, Council Member Allen’s Representative
  • Steve Hagedorn, Capitol Hill Restoration Society Representative
  • Nikki Dean, Nonfood Vendors Representative
  • Anita Jefferson, Tenants Council Chair
  • Tom Kuchenberg, Independent Community Representative
  • Robyn Hinson-Jones, Capitol Hill Village

EMCAC Calendar of Meetings and Events

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*If you would like to request archives dating before 2009, please contact Donna Scheeder at [email protected].