From Tuesday to Sunday South Hall Market buzzes with activity as our indoor merchants sell the finest meats, poultry, seafood, produce, pasta, baked goods, flowers, and cheeses.

Below is the directory of all of our merchants:

Eastern Market Pottery

Eastern Market Pottery has offered classes in pottery making on Capitol Hill since 1968. Our small and informal classes provide a relaxed atmosphere for learning, making pottery, and making new friends. Please visit our website for information on class times, tuition and availability.

Visit our studio showroom to shop for fine stoneware pottery made by potters Chuck Brome, Ellen Jaffe, Susan Jacobs, Audrey Jones and Lynn Murphy

Eastern Market Pottery is located down the staircase at the Seventh & C Street corner of Eastern Market. Open every Saturday and Sunday from 10 am to 5 pm and at other times on weekdays when the stairwell gate is open.

Fine Sweet Shoppe

We offer a wide variety of baked goods, including pies, cakes, cookies, specialty breads, buns, cannolis, strudel, and turnovers. Enjoy one of our delicious bagel sandwiches with cream cheese and lox or smoked whitefish. For lunch, choose from a panini sandwich or sub. The Fine Sweet Shop specializes in Kosher foods.

Special order your birthday and special occasion cakes and sheet cakes today!

Fine Sweet Shop is owned by Jennifer Glasgow. You can reach her by calling (202) 543-9729.

Market Poultry

Market Poultry carries a variety of fresh free-range chickens and turkeys, organic chicken, eggs, and a large line of wild game including buffalo, ostrich, and alligator.

Our specialty is fancy poultry and game birds. Keep an eye out for our new line of turkey products! If its almost time for Thanksgiving, ask us about our famed Turkey Line!

You can reach Market Poultry by calling (202) 543-2840.

Paik Produce

We offer a variety of fruits, vegetables, fruit juices, canned goods, and sauces. We specialize in Asian groceries!

Visit Capitol Hill Produce for freshly cut fruit and our ice cone with fruit!

You can reach Capitol Hill Produce by calling (202) 544-4435.

Southern Maryland Seafood

Established in 1936, Southern Maryland Seafood is a family-owned and operated business. We specialize in selling fresh and frozen seafood and related products.

You can reach Southern Maryland Seafood by calling (202) 546-9135.

Union Meat Company, LLC

Union Meat Company has been a family-owned and operated butcher shop in Historic Eastern Market since 1946. We pride ourselves in providing the highest quality meats that are expertly cut and trimmed at very affordable prices. We carry a full line of beef, lamb, pork, and veal.

Union Meat specializes in prime and choice Black Angus beef – corn fed and aged to perfection. We bring in whole, fresh American lambs, expertly butchered into all cuts. In addition, we have a deli with hot dogs, half smokes, knockwurst, kielbasa, cold-cuts, cheeses, and our famous Black Angus prime roast beef. It’s butchered, trimmed, seasoned, and home-cooked with no preservatives!

You can reach Union Meat Company, LLC by calling (202) 547-2626 or by emailing [email protected] Our website is

Our Indoor Merchants