Vordonia Athenolia LLC

Vordonia Athenolia LLC

Vordonia Athenolia EVOO. Taste Fresh, Honest, Rare, Terroir driven Single Cultivar EVOO for the first time in your life.
Limited (only 900 bottles) from February 2019 Harvest. I harvested, pressed and send my EVOO. Arrived a few weeks ago and I picked it up from NYC. Nothing is this fresh.

I used to sit on my fathers plow for extra weight. He taught me to “maintain the famous Athenolia olive tree planted by our ancestors 1000 of years ago”.

I have been producing single cultivar olive oil all my life and have stayed very small on purpose. Less then 1000 bottles of the finest handcrafted EVOO from each years harvest.

When my trees reach perfect ripeness, I will take unpaid leave of absence from my job and travel to Vordonia 13 kilometers from (Sparta) and start the hand harvest. We harvest and press each day. Each pressing is cold melaxed , pressed at room temperature (no such thing as cold pressed) and cold seperated from its natural water content. Over 4 hours per pressing.
No one does olive oil like this anymore. Im literlly the last of my kind. An Old Fashion Olive Oil Craftsman.

I Honor my Father, my Village, my Ancestors and the famous Athenolia olive tree with each drop. Amazing Chef Robert Curtis of Hazels Restsurant uses Vordonia Athenolia EVOO. Please stop by for a taste, you wont believe the difference.

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