Our Farmers

Each Tuesday and weekends at the Farmer's Line, Eastern Market hosts an open-air food market of fresh produce!

Take a stroll down the Farmers' Line and find stall after stall of the freshest food available in Washington, DC. Most of the produce sold at Eastern Market is grown in rural counties in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia. Hours for the Eastern Market farmers' markets are: Tuesdays from 12pm-4pm, Saturdays & Sundays from 9am-3pm

Below is the directory of all of our farmers:

Moroccan Saffron, LLC

Moroccan Saffron, LLC offers a selection of high quality, gourmet food products handcrafted from the finest ingredients found both locally and around the world. Come join us at Eastern Market every weekend! Taste our raw local honey and smell the delightful aroma of our pure Moroccan saffron, handcrafted artisan tea blends, finishing salt collection and more. We have been selling at Eastern Market since 2015.

We Specialize in the Saffron Trade.

Our saffron is hand-picked from the saffron fields of Taliouine, Morocco and brought to your kitchen. Taliouine is the heart of Morocco’s saffron industry. It is a mountain village situated near the Atlas Mountains. The rich volcanic soil combined with the ideal climate—dry, with brutally hot summers and cold winters—gives the saffron its potency, color and exceptional aroma. Centuries of developing agricultural skills has allowed farmers to produce some of the world’s finest saffron threads. We promote sustainable agriculture by sourcing our saffron directly from Moroccan farmers, which ensures they retain 100% of the profit. Taliouine is the top saffron producer in Africa, and Morocco is the fourth-largest producer of saffron in the world.

Why Choose Us.

Our goal is to offer the freshest, most aromatic, top quality food products. Most of the ingredients found in our products are organically sourced. We sell pure saffron that is superior in quality. Our honeys are locally produced in the Virginia Shenandoah Valley and are naturally, deliciously, silky sweet. Our artisan teas are handcrafted from the finest ingredients found around the world. We created a collection of aromatic finishing salts that will enhance any dish and appease any foodie. Please give our products a try! You will not be disappointed.

p: 254-913-4795
e: [email protected]
w: http://www.moroccan-saffron.com

Peachy Family Dairy

The Peachy Family Dairy has their own goat dairy. At the dairy they have around 40 milking does. They also have over 70 kids or young goats this spring. The Peachy Family Dairy makes aged and fresh Chevre Cheeses. They also make grilled goat meat sausage, fried cheese curds, goat milk gelato, and gork sausage. Gork Sausage is a combination of goat and pork meat.

p: 717-734-0075

Vordonia Athenolia LLC


Nothing is this Fresh, Nothing is this Honest. Less than 1500 bottles of the perfect extra virgin olive oil. I Honor my Father, my Village, my Ancestors and the Athenolia olive  tree with each limited drop.

Vordonia sits at the foothills of Mt. Taygetos 13 kilometers from the city of Sparta. We have a unique micro climate (Terroir). Very hot dry summers, very mild wet winters. Our trees were planted by the ancient Spartan warriors 1000 years ago.

My father was wise enough to understand our environment and taught me from an early age to respect and maintain what was left for us by our ancestors. It’s the only way to produce high quality EVOO”.

The harvest starts in October and ends in March. I follow my trees closely and when they reach the perfect ripeness ratio, I take unpaid leave of absence from work and fly to Greece to participate and oversee the harvest. Every year is different. You are beholding to the weather. I can never recreate the vintage.

I do my best each year to insure my oil will be extracted from the fruit of the ripe olive. My olive to oil pressing ratio this year was 2.60 kilos olives to 1 kilo oil. The highest in the world.

If the olives are unripe the oil will be extracted from the seed and extremely little from the dry hard fruit. We call these Olive SEED oils. Olive oil extracted the fruit lasts for years while oil extracted from seeds turns rancid very quickly.

This year for the first time, my wife and 3 young children helped with the harvest (January 15-February 10th).  We hand harvested each day and used the cold process to extract our oil each evening. Over 4 hours per pressing.   No one does EVOO like this anymore I’m literally the last of my kind. I’m Michael Theodore Sideris

Follow us on  www.vordonia.com