Each Tuesday and weekends at the Farmer's Line, Eastern Market hosts an open-air food market of fresh produce!

Take a stroll down the Farmers' Line and find stall after stall of the freshest food available in Washington, DC. Most of the produce sold at Eastern Market is grown in rural counties in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia.

Visit Eastern Market's Fresh Tuesdays Farmer's Market, each Tuesday from 1 pm to 7 pm.

Our Farmers:

Dan Donahue – Agora Farms

AGORA FARMS is where you can find some of the finest available vegetables, fruit, honey, eggs, butter, sharp Amish cheddar cheese, yogurt, dried nuts and fruits, Christmas trees & some baked goods.

AGORA FARMS is open year round, weather permitting, above freezing, Saturdays & Sundays at the corner of 7th & C Streets, Eastern Market, Southeast, Washington, DC. Seasonal harvests are fresh from the English, Amish and Mennonite farms of Lancaster, and Adams counties, Pennsylvania.

Our Web page is www.agorafarms.com . You can also find AGORA FARMS on Facebook and on Twitter, we are @agorafarms.


Dunham’s Produce

Jesse Dunham and his son Daniel grow their own produce, which they bring to Eastern Market along with the best products from surrounding farms. Their farm-fresh produce includes heirloom tomatoes, asparagus, strawberries, peaches, honey crisp apples, nectarines and watermelon.

Jefferson Greenhouse

Jerry Mark of Mark’s Greenhouse Spices and Flowers has been coming for years selling herb plants, vegetable plants, flowering plants, and mesclun mix lettuce.

Knopp’s Farm

Bob “Bunk” Knopp from Knopp’s Farm in Severn, MD, has been selling produce for more than 30 years. He loves farming and finds that markets like Eastern Market are the best way to get his product to his customers.

Long Meadow Farm

Marvin Ogburn, of Long Meadow Farm in Shenandoah Valley, WV, started farming so that he could move out of the city and enjoy the country. He sells only his own produce and takes great pride in the quality of his product. He thrives on the friendships that he has made through his time at Eastern Market.

Mockingbird Hill Farms

Mockingbird Hill Farms is a family owned business run by self-described “Horse and Buggy Mennonites”. For the last twenty years Michael Stauffer and his family have used this farm to grow healthy varieties of greens, hot peppers, and ethnic vegetables. Mockingbird Farm brings their produce to the markets every Tuesday and the Weekend!

Old Mountain Valley Farms

Kathy Bryant sells a variety of spreads and sauces from Old Mountain Valley Farms in Woodstock, Virginia. Our products include cider, spreads, salsa, mustard, and BBQ sauce. All items are made in Virginia by Tom Rodriguez.

Old Mountain Valley Farms can be reached via telephone at (301) 906-4442 or by e-mail at [email protected] Feel free to visit our website at www.oldmountainvalleyfarms.com.

Peachy Family Dairy

The Peachy Family Dairy has their own goat dairy. At the dairy they have around 40 milking does. They also have over 70 kids or young goats this spring. The Peachy Family Dairy makes aged and fresh Chevre Cheeses. They also make grilled goat meat sausage, fried cheese curds, goat milk gelato, and gork sausage. Gork Sausage is a combination of goat and pork meat.

Peachy Family Dairy can be reached at 717-734-0075.

Raachid Saad – Moroccan Saffron

Raachid Saad knows the secret to quality saffron is a great source. Her imports come directly from Taliouine, a Moroccan mountain village with an ideal climate which gives this Saffron its’ potency, color, and aroma. Along with saffron, Raachid also sells organic teas and locally produced honey that will not disappoint!

Rebecca Lazar – Second Rising

Rebecca’s baked goods are a prototype of the good that can come of food. Not only are all her breads made with natural ingredients and no preservatives, Rebecca uses her bakery as a service to provide job training for women who have survived sexual exploitation. All of her bread is baked the morning of the market. From walnut cookies to peppa cheese bread, we are excited to see Rebecca at the market every Tuesday … and she will soon begin coming weekends!


Sunnyside Farm

Sunnyside Farm is located in St Mary’s County, Maryland. David Fowler’s Family has had a farmer’s stand at Eastern Market since 1873, when the market opened. In the spring you can find sweet fresh strawberries, spring onions, beans, tender greens and seasonal vegetables. Summertime the stand is filled with fresh vegetable and fruits including herbs, heirloom tomatoes, cantaloupes, figs, squash, sweet and hot peppers, cucumbers and eggplants. The fall and winter season includes colorful pumpkins, winter squash, potatoes, carrots, radishes, beets, kale, brussels sprouts and leafy greens. To ensure variety he also brings products from the farms of his Mennonite and AMish nieghbors including those delicious brown eggs.

Phone: 301-481-6646
Email: [email protected]

The Cookie Jar DC

Lindsay Larner, founder and CEO of The Cookie Jar DC, grew up in St. Louis and moved to DC in 2009 after graduating from the University of Pennsylvania. She’s worked in the nonprofit and tech startup worlds focused on marketing and communications, during which time she also received an MBA and Master of Jewish Education. She’s always defined herself as someone who is creative and likes to manage innovative projects.

Lindsay founded The Cookie Jar DC in February 2016 by mistake when she was playing around in the kitchen and wound up with some delicious edible cookie dough recipes. Recognizing that she needed a commercial production space in order to sell the dough, she began producing out of Union Kitchen and selling to consumers and retailers.

The Cookie Jar DC makes it easy, fun and safe for everyone to eat cookie dough. If you’ve ever tried to make cookies, but only half the bowl of dough makes it into the oven (with the other half making it into your mouth)…and all along you hear your mom’s voice in the back of your head saying “Don’t eat that, it has raw eggs in it, you’re going to get sick!”…then you know what we mean.

The cookie dough comes in a variety of flavors in jars, bites, and shots that are fun, unique and delicious.


Whitmore Farm

“We are probably most famous for our pastured eggs. They have been featured on television and in the Washington Post several times. We raise rare breeds of chickens that lay unusual colored and speckled eggs. In addition, our feed is custom blended with higher quality ingredients so our eggs taste better and are more nutritious. Old Spot pork is unique from other breeds of pork just like Angus beef is different from other types of beef. Plus our sausages recipes are custom blended using our own recipes so they will taste different than other sausages from other farms. We also grow cut flowers in the spring/summer and salad greens in the winter in our greenhouse. Hard to find local salad greens in the winter!”

Zachari Curtis – Good Sense Farm & Apiary

As a third generation Washingtonian, Zachari knows the importance of locally grown food. Zachari is a self-taught mycologist who has had seven years of organic experience and brings a unique focus on apiculture to the market. Zachari will offer raw honey, over seven varieties of mushrooms, and fresh microgreens- all sustainable to the ecosystem and grown right in northwest Washington DC. Zachari cultivates and also forages the mushrooms, always making sure that there is a consistent supply to sell at the market every Sunday!

Our Farmers