Each weekend, Vendors sell from 7 am – 6 pm on Saturdays and 9 am – 5 pm on Sundays. Hundreds of DC’s best local artists and crafters set up tents in the street and plazas surrounding the market. Eastern Market’s arts and craft vendors are made up of painters, sculptors, independent designers, woodworkers, jewelers, potters, and photographers! If you sell one of these product types, consider becoming a vendor!

Below is the directory of our outdoor vendors:

Adiante franszoon Custom Wood Carving & Furniture

“My goal is to incorporate the Saramacca Maroon style of wood carving into the contemporary style of western furniture making. I want to make unique objects that my clients will consider heirlooms to hand down to their children. When they speak of my work, they can tell about how each object was crafted, because when I am commissioned to create a piece, I collaborate closely with the client in the decision making process. We work together to create the design, then select the wood and consider the form and function of each object. Only the finest woods such as walnut, teak, mahogany, and tropical cedar are used because of their strength and beauty. Each object becomes as unique to the desires of the individual. I also welcome commissions to create “legacy” pieces such as large wall hangings and entry doors that represent my unique interpretations of Saramaccan wood carving in places such as museums, galleries and other public places. ”

p: 410-598-2849
e: [email protected]
w: http://www.adiantefranszoon.com


“If we had anything so hackneyed as a mission statement at Archelaus, it would probably revolve around the idea of keeping ourselves well amused by producing smart, sophisticated, pleasantly peculiar cards that will delight our many fine customers.

But since we don’t have anything like that, the less said about the matter, the better, really.”

e: [email protected]
w: http://www.archelaus-cards.com
Facebook: @Archelaus

Aurora Bath and Jewels

“Inspired by the Roman Goddess of the Dawn and a trip to the ancient baths in Bath, England, I started my company Aurora Bath (later to be known as Aurora Bath and Jewels) at Eastern Market. For years I have created my own line of artistically created aromatherapy soaps, fragrant candles adorned with herbs and flowers, fizzy bath bombs, luxurious mineral bath salts, massage oils and more, featuring my uniquely DC line of Capitol Cherry Blossom products, perfect gifts from DC! I also feature a large array of headbands and hair accessories for young and old alike and hand select an eclectic assortment of fun, funky fashion jewelry at affordable prices. Holidays are my specialties, so come on by and join in the excitement, positive vibes and healing!”

p: 202-328-9283
e: [email protected]
w: http://aurorabath.com
Facebook | Instagram: @Aurorabath

Avner Ofer Photography

Traveling to many remote and off the beaten path locations, I attempt to capture intimate moments, and glimpses into other cultures. Studying the languages, customs, and geography of the places I visit enables me to explore deeper into that culture, and try to revel some of the essence of the place. Using this philosophy allows me to photograph any location from exotic Tibet to my back yard in Washington D.C. with the same insight and view.

. . .

I was fortunate to intern at National Geographic back in 2000, which was an amazing experience. That is what brought me to DC, and I am still here. I travel every year for 2-3 months, during the winter, and sell the rest of the year at markets and festivals around the area. The reward of sharing parts of the world, and my vision of it, with other people, is beyond words. When my images receive both an emotional and intellectual response, I feel I have done my job.

p: (202)299-7358
e: [email protected]
w: http://www.avnerofer.com
Facebook: Avner Ofer Photography | Instagram: @avneroferphoto

Barbara Chowney, Potter

My work consists of oxidation-fired functional and decorative pottery. I am interested in both form and surface decoration and try to achieve, in a painterly way, a spontaneous decoration which harmonizes with the form. My pottery is food- safe, dishwasher-safe and microwave-safe.

p: 202-288-7273
e: [email protected]


Canimals! is a Washington, DC based arts company focused on up-cycled art. Our mission is to clean up the world one can at a time. Our vision, to create a culture of no waste by infusing inspiration with recycled materials. All CANIMALS! handcrafted sculptures™ are born from recycled cans and wire. We are playing our role in sustaining the earths balance. CANIMALS! handcrafted sculptures™ entire showcase is eco-friendly.

p: 216-773-6467
e: [email protected]
w: http://www.getcanimals.com
Instagram: @giraffe_maker

Dan Kessler

Dan’s work can be found in corporate and private collections internationally, and his reproductions are available worldwide. His work is also on display at historic Eastern Market in Washington, DC.

p: (301) 949-1943
e: [email protected]
w: http://kesslerart.com/

Facebook: /dankesslerart
Instagram: @dankesslerart


Delivering hand crafted goods from Mexico to North America and Europe since 2014; we craft and package for ready to sell wholesale; we fulfill the needs for small to large home or business improvement projects; and we sell retail for our clients with individual needs.

A defining aspect of what it means to be human is the ability to create art and inspire innovative ways to think. This aspect encompasses and encourages our mission to share, deliver and transcend unique experiences through one of a kind quality handcrafted goods.

Mexico has enchanted us through its extensive selection in the arts and culture. Through each interaction and experience, this country reveals the story of an ever-growing, friendly, rich and vibrant place, unlike any other in the world.

We are honored to share with you these exceptionally brilliant finds which have traveled from the workshops of emerging artists in Mexico, and placed humbly in your hands and heart.

p: 202-827-6893
e: [email protected]
w: http://www.flordelisinc.com

Our Outdoor Vendors