Our Outdoor Vendors

Each weekend, Vendors sell from 7 am – 6 pm on Saturdays and 9 am – 5 pm on Sundays. Hundreds of DC’s best local artists and crafters set up tents in the street and plazas surrounding the market. Eastern Market’s arts and craft vendors are made up of painters, sculptors, independent designers, woodworkers, jewelers, potters, and photographers!

If you sell one of these product types, consider becoming a vendor!

Our Outdoor Vendors:

Adiante Furniture

Adorned Jewels, Inc.

Al’s Beads/ Eastern Coral Co.

Amy Marx

Andrea Haffner

Anthony Driver Designs


Aurora Bath & Jewels

BAMI Products

Barbara Chowney

Blue Orchid

Blue Ridge Cutting Board

Brian Butters

Budds Creek Produce

Button Lady

Carrie Lyles

Catherine Jensen

Cedar Branch Crafts

Curt Cunningham


Eugene Nee

Finding Indigo

Frog Music Garden

GeedaCraft Hand Poured Candles

Glitzy Glass

Golshah Agdasi

Greenfield Furniture Co.

Habeebah’s Herbals

Had Matter

Harun’s African Arts & Crafts

Jacq’s Dollhouse

J.dell Designs

Jeannette Landphair

Jennifer Eubank

Jeff Jacobs

Jie Sun

Joe Shymanski

Jonathan Blum

Jonathon Wye, LLC

Joseph Snyder

Karmic Kollections


Kowino Batiks

Krishan Lal Kumar

Lil Fishy

Lucas Bojarowski

Mann Made Designs

Mary Belcher

Moya Gallery

Myriam Sinchico

Neighborhood Furniture & Antiques

Noor’s Collections

Oswaldo Sinchico

Painter Paige

Pottery Imports

Quest Skinner

Range of Emotion

Rebound Designs

Shomari Art


STIO Design

Suzanne Milavitz

The Button Lady

The Choksey Group

The Empress of India Co. Ltd.

Thomas BUCCI


Tilden Fine Art

Tom Greaves Artworks

Tsolmon Art

Turbopolis Art

Xiutang Tang

Yinibini Baby