Turkish Delight!

Drawing on the splendor of her homeland, Turkey, Enise brings the opulence of Istanbul’s grand palaces, the colors of old-world spice bazaars and the mystery of treasures hidden beneath the Aegean Sea to her unique jewelry designs. She continues a long tradition of jewelry making in Turkey that dates back centuries to empires of long ago. Dedicated to her craft, she creates jewelry as art.

Enise began designing jewelry in 1999, melding silver, semiprecious stones and pearls into one-of-a-kind pieces with universal appeal. She has developed a large following of loyal customers worldwide through her retail stores, as well as through trunk shows at such venues as Bloomingdale’s and Takashimaya. Some of the most glamorous and accomplished women — from music moguls and Hollywood actresses to newscasters and senators — proudly wear Enise’s designs. Each piece of jewelry is as individual as the woman who wears it.

Look for Enise’s newest designs inspired by the old world. They will quickly become timeless treasures you can wear anytime.

w: http://enise.com/